Milwaukee Commercial Leasing

Our years in Milwaukee’s commercial real estate market have taught us what’s right — that is, what works best — and what doesn’t. We pride ourselves on our professional, ethical, and efficient property management services. And we have the staff and experience to address all your needs as a landlord, from complete property management to simply getting you a new set of keys.

Our leasing services include:

  • Client-tenant communications
  • Collecting/billing all rents, rent increases; calculating, billing, real estate taxes, and insurance (paperwork)
  • Paying all expenses including mortgage, insurance, etc. and distribution of net cash flow where appropriate
  • Creation of a detailed annual budget and monthly financial reports with insightful comparisons and solutions
  • Negotiation of all necessary contracts, insurance matters, obtaining bids, etc.
  • Oversight of any necessary and typical repairs while staying within budgeted expenses/guidelines
  • Assistance in any other typical management responsibilities

Our milwaukee commercial leasing representatives are ready to provide:

  • Current data and analysis for annual budgets
  • Unmatched market knowledge, including demographics, competitive properties, etc.
  • Preparation of your custom marketing plan. This includes all information, both printed and digital, proper signage, and communication to insure the community and markets are aware of your opportunities.